Are you ready to take a step towards a new career?

Are you ready to take a step towards a new career?

Starting out as a therapist is exciting, but for some it can also feel a little scary, as hypnotherapists are almost always self-employed. This allows for a flexible way of working; either full-time or part-time, depending on your current commitments and also your aspirations. Setting up your own business does come with its own set of unique challenges and opportunities but is also incredibly rewarding. As someone who has been self-employed for over thirty years, 25 of them as a therapist, I understand what individuals need to do to succeed. Many hypnotherapists are drawn to the profession because they have a strong drive to help others, but they also need to pay the bills.

As the founder of London Hypnotherapy Academy and the Development Director for the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapists) I regularly talk to hypnotherapists at different career stages. I’ve noticed that students and graduates from various schools often share the same concerns about making a living from their new career. Many students who train in hypnotherapy have not been self-employed before and have no experience of running a clinic and that’s why at LHA we have built practice building advice and guidance into the course. I’m proud that our training delivers the professional knowledge and skills needed to feel confident to launch a therapy business.

LHA is a heart-led business; we teach essential, practical skills in small groups. We appreciate that each student is an individual and that everyone learns differently and because our class sizes are small we can ensure that everyone gets the support they need to succeed. We connect with our students and graduates through blogs, newsletters, a Facebook group and events throughout the year, as we believe that a strong community is very important.

Our strapline is ‘practice- ready therapy training’ and that is what we offer students who enrol for the LHA practitioner diploma training.

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