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All members our team member have been trained in hypnotherapy to diploma level, so you will be supported by people who understand the profession and the needs of future therapists.

Lorraine McReight , Founder and principal of LHA

Here's the official bio:
Lorraine is a multi-award-winning therapist with a thriving practice in Wimbledon Park, SW London. She is a Fellow of the Association for Professional Hypnosis & Psychotherapy and has been the Development Director of the National Council for Hypnotherapy since 2015. A published writer, Lorraine is the founding editor of the professional journal, Hypnoversity, which was launched in 2008.
With thousands of client hour’s experience, Lorraine inspires her students with her practical teaching style and her willingness to share and support students on their journey to becoming the next generation of professional therapists.

And the unofficial one:

I'm a 'born-again' Yorkshire woman with a quirky home in beautiful Hebden Bridge, W.Yorkshire. I love reading and am a member of two book clubs - I read on my many journeys between Kings X and Leeds. I enjoy creative writing and have been threatening to write a book for the last 20 years. I'm also 'crafty' which doesn't mean I'm untrustworthy, but enjoy a variety of handcrafts such as sewing and picture-framing. I'm a lover of all types of jazz as well as many other types of music. I'm also a dog lover, especially lurchers.

Abbey Robb, Admin and Course Advisor

Here's the official bio:

Abbey is the LHA course administrator and Lorraine's PA. She is a fully qualified hypnotherapist with a thriving online practice and clinic in SW London. Abbey is also a coach, Mindfulness and yoga teacher. Passionate about research and with a masters degree in Information Management, in addition to her Psychology degree, Abbey is a mine of useful information for students. As an LHA alumni, she also knows the LHA training course inside out.

And the unofficial one:

I love dancing, especially Biodanza and 5 rhythms, and spend much of my spare time attending festivals in the UK and Europe. In common with many Ozzies, I'm passionate about travelling and have visited ? countries and have not stopped yet. I believe strongly in the mind and body's ability to heal and I'm a big supporter of complementary therapies including nutritional therapy and Shamanism.

Zoe Thompson, Practice-Building Tutor

The official bio:

Zoe is an experienced hypnotherapist and well-being trainer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. She is a hypnotherapy supervisor and an NCH peer group co-ordinator. Zoe has a passion for practice-building and business development and is keen to support new and experienced practitioners to develop their career in clinical hypnotherapy.

And the unofficial one:

I love walking and cycling around the beautiful county of W.Yorkshire and beyond. I'm also a keen DIY'er and have spent many a weekend decorating my home in Leeds alongside my husband. I've also got a passion for travelling and intend to.............. in the next few years.

Lisa Kelly, Student Support

The official bio:

Lisa is the LHA student support officer. Based in West Yorkshire. Lisa works for LHA part-time but is a phone call away for student's wanting advice on their assignments or other training matters. Lisa is well-placed to support LHA students having trained with Lorraine in London in 2015.

And the unofficial one:

I love reading as well as cinema and live arts. I used to live in Brighton, which is a little similar to parts of W.Yorkshire, but am now happily settled in the North. I'm passionate about dogs and run a dog-walking business which keeps me pretty fit.

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Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Undertaking Continual Professional Development is a commitment that professional therapists are expected to make in the years following their graduation. Many attend classroom training in order maintain and update their skills and knowledge. This helps them to continue to deliver effective and professional therapy to clients.


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